Payment Pages

Use the Coindrawer payment page to accept payment for items on your site. You can see an example of how a store could use Coindrawer's payment pages to accept bitcoins for their merchandise here.

Example Payment Page

<a href="" target="_blank">Pay with Bitcoin</a>

The previous code creates the following payment page:

Pay With Bitcoin

Using the Payment Page Creator

  1. Log in to your Coindrawer account at
  2. Navigate to Merchant Tools, which can be found in the sidebar on your dashboard.
  3. Payment Pages should be the default selection, but ensure that it is chosen.
  4. Fill in the form. Note that the only required elements are item title and price.
  5. Click "Generate" at the bottom of the page.
  6. Copy the resulting code and paste it into the HTML of the webpage where you would like the payment pge to be.